We are RTOM

We provide revolutionary practice products for drummers.

RTOM Corporation was founded with a single purpose: to create No-Compromise drum accessories that enhance the playing experience. Since its inception, RTOM has challenged every conventional concept and technology in an effort to bring a new level of enjoyment to practicing your instrument.

Our goal is to lead the way in developing new products and technology that allow drummers to practice without compromise. Too often, drummers must settle for a sub par experience. To put it simply, we want your experience with RTOM products to enhance your fundamental playing skills to make you the best musician possible.


We transform the practice experience for drummers.

At RTOM we have people from many disciplines including engineering, manufacturing, and science, all working together to improve the way drums are played. All of us are passionate about drums. Our goal is to bring our unique abilities to an area of percussion that has long been overlooked by the drum industry. Practice makes perfect. RTOM makes practice perfect.

RTOM was founded in 1992 by Tom Rogers. His belief in the transformative powers of technology stem, in part, from working with the legendary Dr. Amar Bose while serving in the Navy. This was “an eye opening experience” which lead to RTOM’s philosophy of using engineering principals to improve the way percussion instruments are played. Tom’s passion for learning is heavily engrained in the culture of RTOM and is a major driver of our research.