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Black Hole Practice System

Sounds exactly like your drum set, only 80% quieter. Practice on your drums and keep those around happy.

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MoonGel Damper Pad

MoonGel Damper Pad

Eliminate unwanted resonance and obtain the exact sound you’re looking for. Effective, Simple, Versatile.

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MoonGel Workout Pad

Guaranteed to accelerate muscle development for increased speed and endurance on the drum set.

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Black Hole Practice System

A revolutionary new way to play your drums quietly without losing the tone or feel.
(We suggest wearing headphones for this video.)

How to Install Black Hole

Attaching the Black Hole Practice System
to your snare, toms, and kick drum is a snap.

How to Tune Black Hole

Find out how easy it is to tune your
Black Hole Practice System to your desired tension.


Black Hole Practice System is now available! Contact Big Bang Distribution to find your nearest dealer. MoonGel Damper Pads and MoonGel Workout Pads can be purchased at music stores everywhere.